The Busy Mom's Simple Guide to Schedules & Routines

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How effective are your current schedules and routines? Do they help you laser in on your priorities, or do they just haunt you like an unbending taskmaster? 

I've found that we homeschooling/stay at home/work at home moms are the ones most obsessed with aesthetically pleasing planners and addicted to cute printable weekly to do lists...

But often, we still end up in a vortex of time-wasting and wondering how to organize all the things that are demanded of us.  


If the yearning of your heart is to have productive, focused, and prioritized days, be done with wasting time, and nail in those bottom lines...then this resource is for you!

In The Busy Mom's Simple Guide to Schedules and Routines, I'm going to guide you into restructuring and rethinking your current routine and help you live according to your priorities. 

You'll be able to consistently stay focused on what needs to be done WITHOUT being overwhelmed by it. I'll also teach you important mentalities to have regarding motherhood/child raising that will allow you to ditch the feeling of "needing to do everything" and help you really focus on what you know you need to be focused on. 

As a result, you'll be able to create more free time to do things you want to do (rest? read? build a side biz?) without being concerned that other important things aren't getting done. 

Here's what's included: 

Section 1: Laying the Foundation

  • Intro 
  • Why Schedules and Routines?
  • The Difference Between Schedules and Routines
  • The Problem with Schedules and Routines (and how to fix it)

Section 2: Creating Your Own

  • Defining Your Priorities
  • Creating a Fundamental Framework
  • Independent Play and Other Free Time Activities
  • Adding Routines

Section 3: Tips

  • For Homeschooling Moms
  • For Moms With Multiple Children
  • For Moms with Children in School
  • For Moms with Babies/Preschoolers

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